Here at Creekside I want to offer as many options as possible, in order to fulfill all your shopping needs! 

1) Custom Item: When ordering a custom piece you will be the director. 

When you are ready to place an order for a specific custom item, you can contact me by filling out the form HERE or also located in the drop-down menu as "Custom Order". I will then coatact you to discuss the timeline, and iron out all the detailing information, along with a price quote. If you are requesting a piece that I would supply it will take 4-5 days to locate that specific item, as shopping locally and online will keep costs lower for you! You can also provide the item you'd like customized by mailing it directly to me or you can also order online and ship the item to me! By providing the item it would ultimately lower the price. 

Once the item is located and the deposit is paid I can start painting and customizing immediately. I will message you along the way to check in, and give you the final decision on detailing (Messaging can be done by; Email, Text, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging platform we can both use & keep in contact. 

Your custom order will be done as soon as possible and once completed I will message the final product and if possible a video of close up details to you. When you give the thumbs up I will then list it on my shop and you can pay the remaining balance via the listing. I will mail the order out once the payment is completed, which takes 3-5 business days unless stated otherwise. 


2) Surprise Item: 

When you decide to choose a surprise item, you will be putting all your trust in me! By choosing this option, it's an exiting way to gift something to yourself. There's nothing more exiting than knowing you won't see the final product until it is at your door and ready to wear! Follow these easy steps and you'll be on your way to wearing a custom hand-painted jacket made JUST for you. 
     Step 1: Collect as much inspiration as you can, I find that Pinterest, Google, Instagram & basically any social media outlet is a great place when locating a wide range of inspiration pictures. After you've found a few different ideas you will send them over to me by filling out the contact form HERE
     Step 2: Once I receive your email we will exchange a few inspiration pictures of what you're looking for! I will then sketch out a rough idea & calculate the cost of the item you wish to have customized and get in contact with you as soon as I reach a final decision to discuss the details.
     Step 3: Once we have agreed upon the details and a deposit has been made & once the item has been delivered to me (if you choose to send in an item) I can get started immediately. 
     Step 4: Once the item is completed and I have receive the rest of the payment, I will send it out that day! 
**(I will not post any progress pictures on social media until it has been delivered and you have seen it yourself!)**
These items are starting at only
$120 for a denim jacket 
$90 for denim pants pockets
$80 for shoes
All available in men's & women's 
(price can be subject to change)
3) Pre-painted item: 
All of these pre-painted items come in that size and style only & these items are all found HERE or in "All Products".