About Sophie!

Hey, beautiful! 

Welcome to Creekside Custom Creations. My name is Sophie Holmes, I am a one woman show over here. I am the owner and creator of this small business and I am beyond humbled by your presence in my little corner of this cyber world!

When I'm not painting away in my quiet studio, mixing resin for my next line of jewelry, or tending to my plant babies, I'm probably out hiking around Smithers, BC with my dog Beasley.

Creekside Custom Creations was created to encourage women, whether in the work force, battle field, stay at home mom, college student...WHOEVER....to live their life BOLDLY, FIERCELY, and JOYFULLY. I want my creations to evoke a sense of playfulness and joy and silliness. I want them to remind woman of the dreams and passions they once had in their hearts as a little girl and encourage them that they are never to old to chase those dreams. 

Is that too much for my pieces to do? Maybe! But will I keep creating them with the hopes that they will change lives? YES!
Enjoy! And please remember, you are precious, and fierce, and oh so wonderfully made.

 xoxo, Sophie.